Call for Price

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We have been selling the delightful Accuphase amplifiers and CD players for over 10 years. These products, whilst not cheap, do offer the sort of performance that many ‘High End’ super brands at many times their price can only dream of. All aspects of Accuphase build, engineering and sound quality are in the highest class.

Not only are Accuphase now more affordable than just a few years ago, recent products have astonished us with the level of performance they are producing. As you may have noticed, we are rapidly increasing our level of Accuphase demonstration stock. We feel that the level of performance being offered needs to be available for audition in the UK.

Note: we believe some ‘grey’ (hence un-warrantied!) imported Accuphase products being used with a step down mains transformer. Accuphase engineer their products with great care, and this includes the mains transformer, using a second transformer in this way will severely compromise the performance of these products.