Scansonic M5 – Mini Monitor

Call for Price


Looking and performing way above their price point, if you are seeking a small bookshelf speaker that will not be out of its depth with a first rate source / amp and conversely, still work outstandingly well with a modest system. The Scansonic M5 is the most cost effective solution we have heard. Ouistandingly coherent, with bags of life and vitality, while colourations are as low as you would expect with a ‘monitor’ speaker.

Available in gloss black as well as gloss white with black. Please note: the M5 speakers include wall mounting brackets. Illustrated speaker stands are available separately.

The M-5 speaker is a compact, two-way, stand-mount mini-monitor.
The speaker is designed around an ultralight ribbon planar tweeter and a paper-polypropylene compound bass-midrange driver membrane.


The speaker is crossed over at 3.5 KHz with a second order filter.


Note: Also available as wireless monitors.