Record Store Day @ 57 Thomas Street

We’ve teamed up with Manchester’s famous craft beer producer Marble Beers Ltd to offer a heavenly combination of great beer, and great music replay. To celebrate Record Store Day, on Saturday April 16th, the 57 Thomas Street bar in the Northern Quarter of Manchester invites you to bring your own music (LP, please) bought on RSD, to play on the system we have installed in the upstairs room. The system will be available through the weekend for any vinyl heads to take full advantage of.

The bar will be open early on Saturday (10am) for coffee.

We guarantee great beer, we guarantee great sound, what we can’t guarantee is your taste in music!!??RP3

The world famous Rega RP3 (Rega are the turntable sponsors for Record Store Day) will be on replay duty. Matching amplification and speakers are from Rega and Monitor Audio.

So in all you have a high quality audio system, made by UK manufacturers. Craft audio, if you like.

All available from The AudioWorks in Cheadle.