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Jual Furniture

JF204 HiFi Walnut
We were looking for an elegant, well made stand for audio equipment, when we came across the Jual JF204 Hi Fi rack (£199). The other furniture in the from Jual looked so distinctive and well made that we decided to offer the range. On display we have several products from Jual, including the PC 201 More Info »
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by larry

Jual Hi Fi Stand

JF204 HiFi Walnut
Always on the look out for out of the ordinary products to offer our customers, we came across this delightful and cost effective Hi Fi rack. As well as this unit, we have on display matching furniture products from the Jual range. JF-204 - Curved Wood Entertainment Unit Product Details | Size Guide Unique Real Wood Curving More Info »
Price: £199.00
by larry