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STAX 5170 Earspeaker System

High performance Stax SR-507 Earspeakers packaged with the SRM-006tS 'Kimmik' valve energiser give astonishing transparency with uncoloured sound. The thin film of super engineering plastics has been adopted for the diaphragm as a new material. Since an electrostatic type headphone can drive the whole diaphragm surface uniformly, the design concept that gives priority to the More Info »
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Legendary manufacturers of electrostatic headphones, Stax have been leading the field by producing the lowest colouration, most transparent headphones, or earspeakers as they refer to them. We have a range of Stax headphones on demonstration, and can offer any model from the Stax range from the £749 2107 system, to the state of the art More Info »
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Stax 2170 Earspeaker System

Comprise SR 207 and SRM 252S Energiser The SR-207 earspeaker has employed a new sounding unit (sound element). The conventional sound element has simplest structure so that the area of film diaphragm can be used as effectively as possible compared with its external size. Taking full advantage of these conventional features, the new sound element has More Info »
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Stax 4170 Earspeaker System

For a review of the Stax 4170 earspeakers, click here. The SRS-4170 is a high-quality combination system of the earspeaker SR-407 (Signature) employing the same sound element as the new Λ series SR-507 and the SRM-006tS driver unit with the vacuum tube output stage. The SRM-006tS is equipped with two RCA and one XLR input More Info »
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