Our Hi-Fi brings you Closer to the Music

 The better the musical reproduction, the closer you feel to the performance. With our Hi-Fi systems, see how close we can get you.



Accuphase - Sensational performance for the perfectionist MusicWorks Hi Fi Table - performance with beautiful aesthetics Rega - turntables with a long history of great value and performance Naim's new Uniti series - top sound quality with ultra flexible connectivity Focal Loudspeakers - seamless coherent musical - say no more Let MusicWorks power your system. Loan distribution blocks & cables available Kronos - On Demonstration

We offer music playing systems from around £600 that sound fabulous, and every step from there to some of the best music systems available anywhere.

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Ed Selley in the June 2014 edition of Hi Fi Choice visits The AudioWorks. See below for links to the full article.Accesorise!

Because we are located in Cheadle, Cheshire, we are close enough to visit from any part of Greater Manchester. Because we offer some of the highest performance audio systems on the planet, we are worth a visit from anywhere in the UK!

Find out why Hi Fi Choice magazine thinks we are “one of the key destination stores in the UK”

Hi Fi Choice – part 1 (click here)

Hi Fi Choice – part 2 (click here



We are located very close to the M60 motorway (J2 & J3), with very convenient free parking close by. Click here to find us. 


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