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Audiomica Pearl Consequence – Special Price

Our first batch of Pearl Consequence – the best interconnect we have heard – ran out in 2 weeks flat, so we have persuaded our friends at Audiomica to allow us to repeat the offer. For a very limited time, you can get Pearl Consequence RCA to RCA at a saving of over 1/3 on normal retail prices. This cable normally retails at £3,150 for a 1m pair. We can offer it for £1,999.

Contact us if you want one of these cables in your life.



From Tuesday 16th June, we intend to start opening the shop on a bookings basis. This means if you want a demonstration, or simply a chat and a look at the products we stock, just contact us to make an appointment.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us about anything Hi-Fi related.

Call: 0161 428 7887


twitter: @TheAudioWorks



Accuphase leaflet-web

Visit the Accuphase website.

We are located very close to the M60 motorway (J2 & J3), with very convenient free parking close by. Click here to find us. 

Pricing – Our Policy

We always want our customers to feel like they are getting value for money. So, if you see any of the products that we sell genuinely offered at lower prices, we will endeavour to meet those prices. If you value local dealerships, and the advice and support we can offer, this is a win / win for all of us.

We offer music playing systems from around £600 that sound fabulous, and every step from there to some of the best music systems available anywhere.

Because we are located in Cheadle, Cheshire, we are close enough to visit from any part of Greater Manchester. Because we offer some of the highest performance audio systems on the planet, we are worth a visit from anywhere in the UK!

Any thoughts out there on a “keep recordings physical” campaign? Hashtag? CD and LP are still the best ways to reproduce music, you get to build a library (not a playlist) and you reward artists properly. Any ideas @RegaResearch ?

Just unboxing our demonstration @VertereLtd MG1 - not been this excited about a turntable arrival for quite a while.

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