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NSMT 30M – Time Accurate Loudspeakers (Used)

These are equipped with the latest bass / mid drive unit. The NSMT Model 30M is a time coherent, point source, first order, two-way transmission line tower loudspeaker that delivers a stunning 27 Hz to 20,000 Hz plus and minus 3 dB performance in a very compact design. It is designed to reproduce music with superior musicality, coherence, spatial presentation, speed and tonality. The sound is open and powerful. The 30M captures every nuance of music to accurately convey the emotionalism and spiritualism of the performance.

New price £3,800 Reserved..


A Rega TTPSU offboard power supply for the current Planar 3 or the RP3, boxed and mint.

Original price £200, sale price £125.

Melco N1a Music Server

Music storage / server. 4TB storage with network & USB connectivity. Purchased in December 17, so less than 15 months old.

Sugden A21ai Class A amplifier

Excellent condition, includes mm/mc phono board, remote and original packaging.

Current list price £2150,



Audiomica Celes Excellence Spkr Cable (2.5m used)

Remarkable speaker cable outperforming high end cables for multiple times their new price. Rare opportunity to purchase used.List price £1,250  Sale price £550

Audiomica Erys Excellence Interconnect (1m – used)

Remarkable interconnect cable outperforming high end cables for multiple times their new price. Rare opportunity to purchase used.

List price £810  Sale price £375

Monitor Audio Studio Bookshelf Speakers (pair – ex dem)

Studio is a premium loudspeaker offering absolute performance from within the clean lines of its compact cabinet. The shape and configuration have been designed to deliver a detailed and powerful audio reproduction that is usually associated with larger loudspeakers.

List price £999  Sale price £699 

ReFlex Ultra (original version) Second hand

A traded in Original ReFlex Ultra block (not G3) for less than a ReFlex Lite. In excellent condition

Original price was £890  Sale price £450

Accuphase C-2420 Pre-amplifier (ex demonstration)

An opportunity to own the remarkable Accuphase C-2420 Preamplifier. One of the most transparent preamps on the market, featuring the revolutionary AAVA volume control.

List price was £11,600  Sale price £7,999


MusicWorks Original P-Cone (set of 3 or 4) – second hand

Original P-Cone

The original natural PEEK Cone for equipment support. You need to hear the difference these little beasties can make when sitting under your Hi-Fi / and A/V equipment! Make great alternative to

speaker spikes too, much more natural sound. Return if not entirely satisfied. 25mm high x 25mm diameter.

Original price £75 / £100 sale price £36 (3) / £48 (4)


Audiomica Flint Consequence S/Pdif Digital Cable (used)

The ultimate digital cables, period. Available with RCA or BNC connectors.

List price £1,745, sale price £899 – save an additional 10%

Audiomica Cainit Dual AES / EBU Cables for dCS (ex Demonstration)

dCS Vivaldi / Scarlatti / Paganini players now support advanced dual AES connection. This results in seriously better sound quality. This pair of cables from Audiomica produce stunning sound quality when used in a dual AES role. For single AES applications, contact us about other cable options.

Current price £870 sale price £499 – save an additional 10%



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  1. Dear, is the Nagra Melody fitted with the phono stage? If not: can it be added? What does the optional separate power supply cost?

    Please advise, patrick

  2. Hi

    Can you tell me if the Albarry AP11 preamplifier your are advertising is still for sale?

    I have two Albarry1008 monobloks and understand the AP11 is a brilliant preamp that is made to compliment them exactly.

    That said, I want to dispense with my Rega phonstage and use the MM input that is included and has again got great reviews. My current preamp is part of a Meridian 208 CD/Control amp that I understand still be used and driven by a separate preamplifier as the Albarry..

    I am using Apogee Stage speakers and the sound from the Albarrys is lovely.

    Could you also let me know if the Preamplier can be auditioned in store, or better still in my home?
    I look forward to hearing from you and visiting you shop that is local to me in Cheshire

    Kind Regards

    Will Woods

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