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Accuphase E-360 Integrated Amplifier (used)
The E-360 represented a full model change from the E-350, incorporating the AAVA volume control and other sophisticated technological know-how gained by Accuphase over the years. Only strictly selected high-grade materials and parts are used, resulting in an integrated amplifier that brings out the full potential of every source, for a truly enchanting musical experience.
AAVA is a revolutionary principle that redefines the concept of volume control from the ground up. Unlike the digital approach involving A/D and D/A processing, it operates purely in the analog domain for high performance and ultimate sound. Because the music signal does not pass through any variable resistors, it is not subject to the adverse effects of impedance changes. Adjusting the volume level is accomplished practically without altering the sonic quality. As the amplification and volume control tasks are integrated in a single electronic entity without any variable resistors, performance and sonic purity do not deteriorate over the years, providing excellent reliability. The selected volume level is clearly shown by the numeric display in the center of the front panel, allowing the user to set precisely the desired level every time.
The power amplifier section is built as an advanced instrumentation amplifier, which enables fully balanced signal transmission throughout. Together with the highly acclaimed current feedback principle, this makes for even better electrical characteristics. In the output stage, high-power audio grade transistors are arranged in a parallel push-pull configuration which significantly enhances drive capability of low-impedance loads.

  • Revolutionary AAVA volume control
  • Output stage with high-power transistors in parallel push-pull arrangement delivers high quality power:  100 watts × 2 into 8 ohms
  • Instrumentation amplifier principle for power amplifier input stage allows fully balanced signal transmission
  • Logic-control relays for shortest signal path
  • Robust power supply with large high-efficiency transformer and high filtering capacity
  • Numeric indication of volume level

Original price £6,400 , Sale price £2,999 inc 6 mo warranty

Accuphase DP-410 CD Player (used)

DAC input for Optical, Coaxial and USB streaming inputs.

The Accuphase-developed CD drive in the DP-410 features an extremely rigid and ultra precise transport mechanism that attains new levels of performance. The low center of gravity and the quiet and smooth loading mechanism also contribute to the quality of signal reproduction.
The processor section features sophisticated circuit design and the latest digital technology. The MDS++ D/A approach developed by Accuphase has been further refined here, with four strictly selected high-performance delta-sigma devices operating in parallel, forming a conversion system of outstanding accuracy.
The outstanding sound and high performance of the D/A converter section can be accessed also by external equipment. Three types of digital inputs (USB, coaxial, and optical) accept digital signals from other components, for processing with the highest musical accuracy.

  • High-precision CD drive
  • High-quality CD tray and ultra quiet and smooth loading mechanism
  • MDS++ D/A converter with four circuits driven in parallel
  • Digital interface with USB input
  • Numeric indication of sampling frequency

Original price £4,500, Sale price £2,850 inc 6 mo warranty

Accuphase A-70 Class A Power Amp (used)

2 x 60W per channel Class A .

Single ended / full balanced mode.

Inheriting many outstanding technology features of the A-200, the A-70 represented a full model change from the A-65.  With optimized signal input and power amplification stages, resulting in an astonishing 127 dB S/N ratio (at -12 dB gain), surpassing even the formidable earlier Accuphase stereo amplifier lineup.
The output stage of the A-70 features power MOS-FETs renowned for their excellent frequency response, sonic performance, and superior reliability. In the output circuitry, ultra-heavy-gauge edgewise coils with a surface area more than three times larger than conventional units, combined with MOS-FET switches are used in place of relays, to eliminate mechanical contacts and improve long-term reliability. Top-grade materials, sophisticated circuit pattern technology, and various other measures result in low impedance and enable the realization of a damping factor of 800, which represents a two-fold improvement over the A-65.

Original price £17,000, Sold

Audiomica Flint Consequence S/Pdif Digital Cable (used)

The ultimate digital cables, period. Available with RCA or BNC connectors.

List price £1,745, sale price £899 – save an additional 10%

Audiomica Cainit Dual AES / EBU Cables for dCS (ex Demonstration)

dCS Vivaldi / Scarlatti / Paganini players now support advanced dual AES connection. This results in seriously better sound quality. This pair of cables from Audiomica produce stunning sound quality when used in a dual AES role. For single AES applications, contact us about other cable options.

Current price £870 sale price £499 – save an additional 10%


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  1. Dear, is the Nagra Melody fitted with the phono stage? If not: can it be added? What does the optional separate power supply cost?

    Please advise, patrick

  2. Hi

    Can you tell me if the Albarry AP11 preamplifier your are advertising is still for sale?

    I have two Albarry1008 monobloks and understand the AP11 is a brilliant preamp that is made to compliment them exactly.

    That said, I want to dispense with my Rega phonstage and use the MM input that is included and has again got great reviews. My current preamp is part of a Meridian 208 CD/Control amp that I understand still be used and driven by a separate preamplifier as the Albarry..

    I am using Apogee Stage speakers and the sound from the Albarrys is lovely.

    Could you also let me know if the Preamplier can be auditioned in store, or better still in my home?
    I look forward to hearing from you and visiting you shop that is local to me in Cheshire

    Kind Regards

    Will Woods

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