Brands & Web Links

Aardvark (In line network filter)

Accuphase (high end electronics)

Acoustic Energy – (Remarkable performance for real world money)

Audio Technica (pickup cartridges, turntables & headphones)

Audiomica (high quality to high end cabling)

Chord Co (high quality cabling)

Creek (Affordable musical components – welcome back)

CH Precision – (Remarkable high end electronics)

Dual (remarkable performance affordable turntables)

Dynavector (high performance pickup cartridges)

Focal (high quality to high end loudspeakers & headphones)

FinkTeam (remarkable loudspeakers)

Fyne Audio (high quality to high end loudspeakers)

Goldenberg (high performance pickup cartridges)

Lumin – (Great streaming solutions)

Lyra (high end pickup cartridges)

MusicWorks (high performance power & isolation products)

Ortofon (high quality to high end pickup cartridges)

Quadraspire (Hi Fi tables / equipment stands)

Rega (definitive entry level high quality to high end analogue / digital)

Sugden (Class A amplification made in UK)

Supatrac – (Tonearms redefined)

Vertere (exceptional turntables / tonearms / cartridges)

Wireworld (benchmark affordable cabling)