NSMT Loudspeakers

Our search for coherent, communicative musical products recently led us to the door of NSMT. A manufacturer based in Research Triangle, in North Carolina, USA.

Having done a bit of reading around, we came to the conclusion that their speakers could be right up our street, low order phase coherent crossover, high quality drive units, and a deep understanding of speaker acoustic loading.

Our first demonstration speakers (the £1,950 Model 15SE) arrived a few days ago, and we were knocked out by the performance and value for money these speakers offer. They offer real high end phase coherent reproduction, at a middle market price. A compact stand mounted acoustic suspension (yes, infinite baffle!) with 6 inch woven carbon bass / mid, and soft dome tweeter.

“It makes you believe that the performers are right in front of your eyes with such pinpoint soundstaging that every position and movement is palpable and seems touchable.”(Stereo Germany)


Audio Cafe – Thursdays 6 – 8pm

On Thursday evenings, we don’t want your money, just your curiosity. We’ll even supply the free (Heart & Graft) coffee.

If you want to investigate any aspect of Hi Fi performance, let us know, and we’ll try to accommodate your requirements. Otherwise, just come along, listen, discuss Hi-Fi and talk music.

As space may be limited, please just let us know if you plan on coming along.

Its not fashionable to say so, but it is true!

If you still care about reproducing the musical performance, at the highest possible levels – and what are we about, if not that? Then, you should take notice of this. We have yet to hear an alternative digital format perform at the level the best CD (and SACD) can achieve. Sorry, its not what most industry people or HiFi journalists want to hear – after all, how do you sell more products if you don’t have new technology to peddle?

We are aware that some of the most serious, and best manufacturers and reviewers share our view, even if they are reluctant to go on record. Accuphase are on record as saying that they are not prepared to produce a streamer, as the performance isn’t good enough yet.

Here is the latest quote from a manufacturer whose integrity we hold in the highest regard, even if we no longer have access to their products. This manufacturer is also associated with the production of some of the finest recordings available. A quote from Rick Fryer of Spectral Audio at the launch of their latest CD player:

“..But I submit that this is the ultimate form in how you play a 44.1 recording. If you want to hear the best possible performance from a musical medium you go to its native format and [for digital] recordings that is compact disc and 44.1. We can show you why playing [compact discs] in a physical player and the physical medium will outperform any file or download.”



Naim & Focal Open Days


Naim Audio & Focal Open Days

Friday 8th and Saturday 9th April

Now that we have got to grips with a large part of the (extensive) range of Naim products, we would like to invite you to come along and hear some of the latest  and best for yourself.

above: the brand new Naim Mu-So QB all in one streaming solution £595
(review here: http://www.whathifi.com/naim/mu-so-qb/review )

We will be showing some of the latest Naim streaming products alongside classic hi-fi products such as the new DR amplification. The systems on show will be playing into the very latest Focal Sopra loudspeakers, truly ground breaking designs!

  •  UnitiQute 2 compact streaming amplifier
  • Mu-So streaming speaker systems
  • NAC 272 Streaming Pre-amplifier
  • NAP 200DR & 250DR power amplifiers
  • Focal Sopra No. 1 & Sopra No. 2 high performance loudspeakers

If you are familiar with the Naim products, this is a great opportunity to hear the very latest developments. If you are new to Naim and Focal, here is a chance to find out what some of the most innovative products available today sound like.

Places will be limited, so it is essential that you contact us to let us know that you are coming along.

email: sales@theaudioworks.co.uk; or call: 0161 428 7887

Manchester Craft Beer Scene – Great Music Too – Shame about the sound

As many will know, we are admirers of what the craft beer scene is doing for quality of drink (and food) in Manchester. We know you guys like good music too, but whoa, your music systems are seriously crap!

So we are looking to place a high quality music playing system somewhere, free of charge, for a period of time, say 3 months. The venue we are looking for has to be a smallish self contained area that has quiet periods where a couple of times a week records can be played by people who love music. Other times, high quality music can be streamed through the system at ‘background’ levels. All ideas up for discussion.

Anyone interested? Get back to us.

Naim Mu-so Qb

Building on the success of the original Naim Mu-so, its smaller, but equally capable little brother, the Mu-So Qb, is now on demonstration. A neat 20cm (8″) ish cube available in 3 finishes, this new version of the Mu-so is a delight.

Full featured all in one wired / wireless streamer, internet radio player, featuring Apple airplay & bluetooth. Oh, and you can connect a cable if you’re really desperate!

Priced at £595

‘Trudge of doom’ completed? Now, Important Stuff

Hopefully you have completed the ‘trudge of doom’ that is present buying. You don’t expect that the recipients will think any more of the tat that is on offer than you did, but, at least your duty is now done. If you are particularly inspired, you may have bought something that doesn’t last, but is at least an experience.

How about something for you and / or your family that not only will last, but every time it is used it will be an experience?

If like most people today, your musical experience is what you hear on your phone, or what Spotify is sending your way, boy (substitute ‘dude’ if you are uner 40), have we got a shock for you!


Record Playing System #1