Audiomica Consequence Offer

We have a fantastic opportunity to offer the best interconnect we have ever heard, for a saving of over 30%! This will not last, and yes, it is Covid related. So take advantage and help us support one of the best…..

Normally priced at £3,150, Pearl Consequence from Audiomica comfortably outperforms all the high end competitors we have tried it against, at a fraction of their price. For a short time we can offer this cable for £1,999 for a 1m run, RCA to RCA.

This cable not only lets you hear into the musical textures like no other, it combines this with stunning coherence (focus) bandwidth and dynamic range.

Loan cable available to try.

Accuphase E-800

The new Accuphase E-800 2 x50W Class A integrated amplifier is now here in Cheadle. Anyone aspiring to own the best integrated amplifier available today NEEDS to hear this product……

The E-800 is positioned above the E-650 as the new flagship model in the integrated amplifier lineup of Accuphase. The preamplifier section features the impeccable Balanced AAVA type volume control, while the power amplifier section is configured as an instrumentation amplifier using a six-fold parallel push-pull configuration of power MOS-FETs driven in pure Class A. The resulting quality is on a par with high-class separate type amplifiers. Operating as a simple and smart system, the E-800 realizes acoustic excellence that reaches to the very heart of the music.

  • Integrated amplifier with fully balanced configuration extending from input to output
  • Balanced AAVA type volume control
  • Power amplification stage configured as instrumentation amplifier
  • Six-fold parallel push-pull configuration of power MOS-FETs driven in Class A
  • Linear power progression of 50 watts into 8 ohms, 100 watts into 4 ohms, and 200 watts into 2 ohms
  • 300 W output into 1-ohm load (music signals)
  • High damping factor of 1000
  • Strong power supply with massive high-efficiency toroidal transformer and large filtering capacitors
  • Protection circuitry using MOS-FET switches

Super Integrated Amplifiers

The integrated amplifier has come of age…..

……no need to make excuses to your audiophile snob friends about a system lacking in a multitude of boxes. One box now, can very much do the trick.

These very high performance amplifiers can now do what separate pre-amplifier / power amplifier (plus associated power supplies) could only dream of doing a few years ago. Yes, we know that there are some absolutely stunning pre and power combinations available at formidable prices, but for most in the real world, one of these super integrateds is all you’ll ever need.

Here’s a selection we have on demonstration:

ATC SIA2-300 – from the legendary British ATC speaker company produces some very fine amplificatio. With built in USB DAC a streaming ready amplifier that offers superb performance for its £2,500 asking price.

The Roksan Blak (£2,799) came as a complete surprise to us 2 years ago when it took our crown for the best conventional integrated amplifier available at that time for less than £5,000! Plus, it had a phono stage (MM) and a USB DAC .

NEW Rega Aethos integrated amplifier (£2,999) This amp is causing a bit of a stir at the moment, winning great reviews, and its presence all over the recent Bristol Hi-Fi show was amazing to see. Believe me, other manufacturers would not want to use this amp if they thought it compromised their sound…

NEW Naim Supernait 3 (£3,499) Naim build on their undoubted abilities to produce intense musical experiences with the latest variant on the Supernait integrated amplifier. This time with a built in phono stage (MM). As is the Naim tradition, a full range of power supply upgrade options are available to pull even more performance from the box.

Accuphase E-270 (£4,500) the entry point to the world of Accuphase. This amplifier will take on, and beat, most high end pre / power amplifier combinations at almost any price. Auditioning is highly reccommended. Phono module (MM/MC) and DAC module are available as options.

We also have on demonstration the new Accuphase E-380, the E-480, the E650 (Class A), and very soon the new E-800 Class A 2 x 50W

New Accuphase Pre / Power on Dem

Accuphase have been delighting us with exceptional products for nearly two decades now. Occasionally we think, their progress must slow down now, and then they produce something new, and we’re blown away all over again.

The new C-2150 control amplifier now benefits from trickle down technology from their astounding C-3850 statement pre-amp, and leapfrogs its predecessor (and higher level pre-amps from the previous range) with exceptional musical resolution, timing and tonal integrity.

The P-4500 is a massive beast, again benefitting from what’s been learned from their recent more expensive power amplifier offerings. The noise floor drops yet again, and control of speakers through applying a massive damping factor, give a feeling of effortless resolution and authority.

A must hear combination.

ATC SIA-100 / CD2

New from ATC is a gorgeous small footprint (2/3 width) integrated amplifier (SIA2-100) and CD Player (CD2), both offering remarkable individual performance for the money.

The integrated amplifier (SIA2) offers two analogue inputs, and 3 digital inputs including USB featuring native DSD256. Offering 100W per channel output, this is a high resolution low distortion amplifier offering great flexibility. The SIA2-100 is priced at £2,500.

The CD is simply stunning, being amongst the best sounding sub £5,000 CD players on the market, which is remarkable as it is priced at £1,500!

More information.

Naim Muso – 2nd Generation

The Naim Muso was a ground breaking high performance all in one streaming player. It just got a whole lot better. Almost Everything Has Changed The Naim Streaming PlatformAt the heart of Mu-so 2nd Generation is Naim’s music-streaming platform, developed by 25 engineers over 3 years to offer the very best performance whether playing your own digital music collection, a world of Internet radio, or music streaming services such as TIDAL and Spotify. This acclaimed innovation is uniquely found in Naim music-streaming products, such as its Uniti range and dedicated network players, including the £20,000 flagship ND 555.

The new Naim Muso ‘2’ is on demonstration, and is priced at £1,299