Antelope Audio Isochrone 10M Atomic Clock Now on Demonstration

Pushing the boundaries of the possible has always been our aim with our reference systems. The best just got better with the arrival of this device from Antelope Audio. Essentially providing the ultimate reference signal for clocking our top digital systems. The difference this makes to our top systems is not small.

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Accuphase E-360 Amplifier

The volume control on an amplifier is normally a major source of compromise in their design. We have recently witnessed Spectral completely revamping their top preamplifier with a revolutionary design, and Albarry have searched out the finest volume pot available in their recently updated preamplifier. Well Accuphase are now at it, and they have decided that they don’t need one at all!

In their AAVA (see here ) volume control stage they get rid of the problems of the variable resistance / impedance compromises built in to all amplifiers until today. Needless to say all the other attributes you would expect of an Accuphase products have been maintained or improved, including peerless engineering, and totally coherent wide band reproduction.

All other amplifiers in the current Accuphase range benefit from this new development.

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Price £6,400

Accuphase amplifiers begin at £4,950 with the E-260e-360

Antelope Audio

Antelope Audio Zodiac Gold 384KHz DAC

Antelope Audio are a producer of ultra high performance digital to analogue converters, but at much less than ultra high performance prices.

Antelope supply pro audio gear to studios, and their kit is widely used in studios that care about achieving ultimate recording quality. Now their products are available to the audiophile market.

The basic product range can be split into two parts:

Digital to analogue converters (DACs). All the Antelope DACs offer a preamplifier function, with volume control, as well as headphone amplification. These products are based on the same platform, but offer varying levels of sophistication and facilities. All provide inputs for streaming applications, but it is as an upgrade to almost any CD playing system that we are most excited about. When added to a good transport, expect analogue tonality and flow, combined with digital precision and timing.

Master clocks – these provide ultra stable clocking of the digital signal, so important in achieving the best possible reproduction.

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Tannoy Definition DC10A

The new Tannoy DC10a is now on permanent demonstration. Featuring a 10″ dual concentric drive unit with Alnico magnet this speaker combines huge dynamic range abilities with the low colouration cabinet design based upon, but improving on, the enclosure designed for the Definition range.

Tremendous time coherence, combined with dynamic subtlety are the hallmarks of the very best speakers in the Tannoy range.