What is a good Hi Fi system for?

Is it to recreate a beautiful sonic picture, or to recreate a musical event. At The AudioWorks we feel that the choices you make will define the capabilities of the system you end up with. It is important to realise that every time you choose the pleasing sound over the musical truth, you limit your system’s ability to recreate a musical performance. Resolving a squeaking chair in the top right corner of the brass section is all well and good, but if at the same time your system doesn’t thrill you with the passion of performance, then it most certainly isn’t. If you feel trapped by a system that is failing to move you, contact us – we have solutions.

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Getting great musical performance is not only about the right selection of ‘black boxes’ and loudspeakers. An intrinsic part of achieving a great musical performance is reproducing the energy that is produced by people hitting, bowing, blowing and plucking their instruments, then not allowing this energy back into the system to create distortions. This is where system set up plays such an important part.

Reviewer Steve Dickinson gives some of his own experiences with Hi Fi wrangling. In the first of a series of articles Steve shares his thoughts on where to start with improving a system. And it isn’t necessarily where you would expect.

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