Performance Audio Systems

The audio world has been conditioned into thinking that to achieve a high performance music system you need to spend tens of thousands of pounds. This is not true.

There is a market for audiophile ‘bling’, we do not participate in this area. If we sell a high cost product, it is because of what it achieves.
The AudioWorks approach is to find capable product at various price points, then find a way to wring the ultimate performance from these products. In this way a lower cost system can provide way more musical enjoyment than a badly chosen, and set up, ‘high end’ Hi Fi system.

At the base level of our ‘Performance Audio’ products are components from our ‘standard’ music systems that can, with appropriate matching and set up, achieve truly outstanding musical performance.

At the highest levels we offer some of the world’s most esoteric equipment, which can be very costly. These products have to earn their place in our range by genuinely outperforming the lower priced alternatives.

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Please can you advise of some speaker options for a small to medium room to go with Acuphase amp and CD currently own JM labs electro 906 sp eakers

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