Hi Fi Plus 100 – Bravo!

Hi-Fi+ - 100The latest issue of Hi Fi plus is it’s 100th, congratulations.

The achievement of an undefeated century, however, is not why there’s a news feature here. The reason for this, and the ‘congratualtions’ above is that, in this issue, the contributors are given the chance to write about stuff they believe in, and write it in a way that does not have one eye on the reaction of the ‘big beasts’ (big advertisers) of the industry.

The main body of the issue ‘The best of the Best’ is a coherently elucidated walk through the the state of the audio nation, as is understood by some of the most thoughtful and experienced people in the industry. It will not make easy reading for those who think that audio performance is dictated by Ohms law, but it does set out in terms what is a necessary understanding for the job of Hi Fi to move forward with relevance, and do better what it says on the tin.

The magazine has regained its mojo, and with some style. Bravo, and kudos, to Alan Sircom. Oh, Alan, I’d avoid forums for a week or two if I were you!!

As someone has just asked me about a comment in the magazine regarding an excellent amplifier (which we no longer offer, so have no real axe to grind here) , I just thought I better add a little caveat: the best reviewers tend to be very consistent, ie a good product never becomes a bad product. So when a reviewer raves about a product one month, then does a volte face soon after, it tells you nothing about the product, but lots about the reviewer.


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