Pimp my ReVo! (or the Joy of PEEK)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe MusicWorks ReVo equipment rack represents the best way we know to isolate great performing audio (and A/V) equipment from its environment. Nothing, for us, allows the dynamic and expressive freedom that a ReVo brings to a system.

Well, if you are a lucky ReVo owner, you can now improve on its performance. The latest changes / options for the ReVo are available to buy as retrofit items. Each one lifts the performance significantly, together they take ReVo to a new level of performance.

PEEK fixing screws for ReVo £25 each (yes even one provides a significant uplift!)

ReLeaf PEEK equipment isolators £60 / set of 4

PEEK Spars for ReVo £280 / set of 2 (44cm)

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