Better Music, for Less

We have just received the following testimonial from a customer who bought a hi-fi from us fifteen years ago, and has just replaced it with a new system. It illustrates very well our passion not only for great musical performance, but for that performance to be as affordable as possible:

“Some years ago I sold my expensive hi fi system to help fund home improvements; recently I was in a position to replace it. The new one had to be very good but I didn’t have anything like the same kind of budget available as I’d spent on my old hi fi. Was it possible to get something even comparable? It was time for a chat with Ed and Larry at the AudioWorks.

We arranged a demo. The first system I heard was really good and although it had been a few years since I’d owned my old one, it seemed like this was already an improvement – not more “hi fi”, but in how the music came across. I could happily have bought and enjoyed this system, which would definitely open the eyes (and ears) of anyone unfamiliar with what well -made components, well put together, can do. Then I listened to something else, at a higher price although still just within budget. This second system was even better, performing in a way I had only previously experienced when hearing much more expensive set-ups, and way beyond my old gear. I forgot about the hi fi and just enjoyed the music! No question, this was coming home with me.

In total I spent just over £3,000. That is not a small amount of money; indeed the thought of laying out such a sum on home entertainment equipment would horrify many, but as with most things it is about value not just cost. I won’t reveal which makes and models I chose – everyone has to make his own discoveries and I am lucky to have been able to make mine. I expect to enjoy hearing music through this superb system for many years to come and for that my thanks go to Ed and Larry, who provide a service every bit as good as the products they stock.”


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