Its not fashionable to say so, but it is true!

If you still care about reproducing the musical performance, at the highest possible levels – and what are we about, if not that? Then, you should take notice of this. We have yet to hear an alternative digital format perform at the level the best CD (and SACD) can achieve. Sorry, its not what most industry people or HiFi journalists want to hear – after all, how do you sell more products if you don’t have new technology to peddle?

We are aware that some of the most serious, and best manufacturers and reviewers share our view, even if they are reluctant to go on record. Accuphase are on record as saying that they are not prepared to produce a streamer, as the performance isn’t good enough yet.

Here is the latest quote from a manufacturer whose integrity we hold in the highest regard, even if we no longer have access to their products. This manufacturer is also associated with the production of some of the finest recordings available. A quote from Rick Fryer of Spectral Audio at the launch of their latest CD player:

“..But I submit that this is the ultimate form in how you play a 44.1 recording. If you want to hear the best possible performance from a musical medium you go to its native format and [for digital] recordings that is compact disc and 44.1. We can show you why playing [compact discs] in a physical player and the physical medium will outperform any file or download.”


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