CH Precision D1.5 Optical Disc Player

We are delighted to have the CH Precision D1.5 SACD / CD / Optical disc player on demonstration. A truly ground breaking digital product that has wowed everyone who has heard it to date. We, like CH Precision, have long been fans of physical media, knowing that the results can be astounding. The limits of traditional CD replay have not been explored to date, and this player gives us an even closer view of what is possible. SACD remains a (disc dependent) finer grained view of what was actually recorded on the master.

“Despite advances in high-resolution file-replay, the optical disc remains the reference standard for digital music replay. Those who have predicted the imminent demise of CD and who already danced on the grave of SACD might want to take a look at the rude health of the vinyl LP, a format long ago consigned by many to the dustbin of audio history. In fact, there have never been so many CD and SACD titles (or formats) available – and they have never been so affordable, making them the most consistent and stable digital source currently available – and one that is constantly evolving as superior materials and manufacturing techniques continue to improve performance. They are a source that’s going to be with us for years to come, making a high-performance optical disc player central to any high-end audio system. But the key to that statement is the term “high-performance”. At a time when many CD players are little more than an off-the-shelf transport option, bolted onto a multi-input DAC, the reputation of optical disc replay has suffered significantly”

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