Avcon Acoustic Panels – A Listening Revelation

We have been using acoustic panels to get the best out of our systems for many years. At first we treated panels simply to ‘calm’ down excitable listening rooms, essentially using panels as replacements for soft furnishings.

We were not prepared for the musical revelation that we were to obtain with the Avcon G6 panel that we are now using. The improvements in system focus, timing, harmonic and spatial definition have to be heard to be believed.

The Avcon G6  measures 73cm x 124cm x 6cm and combines the benefits of an absorber and diffuser. As supplied the panel is an absorber, however, diffuser elements can be added (and are included at no extra cost) to create the balance of absorbtion / diffusion required. The panels have a wood surround and, also included in the price, come with a wall mounting kit as well as feet for free standing use.

The Avcon G6 panel is priced at £299.

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