MusicWorks just Accessories ? No, Much more important than that!

We do go on a bit about how important power cabling and equipment supports can be in a good system. Please bear in mind that the first time we met Chris was last Saturday when he picked up a MusicWorks ReVo table that he bought second hand, and brought it into the shop for an insight into the latest updates. Here’s what he thought:

“Hi Larry
Just a note to thank you again for the time you took last week demonstrating the abilities of the Revo 3, the Peek screw upgrade and the Revive Lite power cable. It was fascinating to hear the improvements each individual upgrade made to the overall sound. I have to say that amazed as I was by what I had heard in the demonstration, I was still a bit concerned driving back home as to whether I would see the same improvements in my system.
My system as you know is a full Linn Klimax Active system with 350A speakers. My wife and I sat down to listen on Saturday night, first playing some tracks on the old stand (HiFi Racks Podium Reference) and then changed to the Revo 3 with the Peek upgrade and mains cable. To say we were both stunned would be an understatement! In the 6 years I have had this system it has never sounded this good. The improvement in resolution, soundstaging, imaging and overall transparency was truly spectacular. Over the years with various systems, I have spent vast amounts of money on mains cables, stands, mains blocks etc., some far higher than the cost of the Musicworks stuff.  I can honestly say that pound for pound I have never heard anything that has wrought such an improvement from my system, even though every logical bit of me is saying “This should not work”!!!
Again thank you for helping me to rediscover my music collection, I will certainly be a bit of an evangelist for Musicworks products from now on, and I look forward to being able to afford my next bit of Musicworks wizardry!


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