Accuphase E-600

Now on demonstration.

It would appear that Accuphase are going through a bit of a revolution. Not something that you would normally associate with one of the most meticulous companies in the industry. But we are seeing some truly stunning leaps forward in their most recent products, most notably to date, the new DP-410 CD player (see below).

Now we come to their latest, and best, integrated amplifier. The E-600. This amplifier has a fine lineage of lowish (30W) power class A power amp stage preceded by very good preamplification. The E-600 seems to represent a new generation of amplification utilising a true class A power stage with vice like control of speakers, with a stunningly transparent preamp section.

With reasonably sensitive speakers, there will be few pre / power amp combinations that can match the performance of the E-600, at any price.

See review here.

Price: £8,350

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