NSMT Loudspeakers

Our search for coherent, communicative musical products recently led us to the door of NSMT. A manufacturer based in Research Triangle, in North Carolina, USA.

Having done a bit of reading around, we came to the conclusion that their speakers could be right up our street, low order phase coherent crossover, high quality drive units, and a deep understanding of speaker acoustic loading.

Our first demonstration speakers (the £1,950 Model 15SE) arrived a few days ago, and we were knocked out by the performance and value for money these speakers offer. They offer real high end phase coherent reproduction, at a middle market price. A compact stand mounted acoustic suspension (yes, infinite baffle!) with 6 inch woven carbon bass / mid, and soft dome tweeter.

“It makes you believe that the performers are right in front of your eyes with such pinpoint soundstaging that every position and movement is palpable and seems touchable.”(Stereo Germany)


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