The Time Zone – Exciting New Loudspeakers

You wait for years for a speaker that can do time accuracy, then 3 come along at once!

We have been a Focal dealer since they were first brought into the UK as JM Lab, nearly 20 years ago. They were a revelation. Sure, lots of other very expensive speakers could do the timing thing, but nothing very much at real world money.

Recently though, we have seen encountered loudspeakers from a number of brands, some new to us like the US based NSMT / Role Audio; some based on designs we know & love, but achieve a new level of price / performance – Fyne Audio; and some which have completely blindsided us.

From left field as far as we are concerned, are the latest speaker range from Monitor Audio. The Gold series, are a brilliant addition to our range of time coherent speakers.

We now have a very wide range of speakers that provide the emotional and musical connection that only time coherent speakers can give, with some achieving results that we cannot believe. Come along and have a listen.

The list below are just speakers, new to us, which kick ass timing wise:

NSMT M100 – from £9,000

Focal Kanta 2 – £6,999

Fyne Audio F702 – £5,999

Role Audio Enterprise SE – £4,500

Monitor Audio Gold 200 – £2,900

NSMT M15 – £1,900

Fyne Audio F502 – £1,599

Monitor Audio Gold 100 – £1,400

Fyne Audio F501 – £1,199

Fyne Audio F500 – £599

Fyne Audio F301 -£399


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