Acoustic Energy Loudspeakers

We have been looking for something special in our entry level loudspeaker offering for some time, and thinking that there was little inspiring out there. While our top speakers, really starting at just under £2,000 have some very special products now, we were upset that we had nothing as special to offer people on tighter budgets.

Enter Neil, the Acoustic Energy rep, with a smile on his face, and a range of speakers to put a smile on ours, and hopefully yours?

The AE100 is a bookshelf speaker with heart & soul – believe me, at £259 that is hen’s teeth territory!

At £599 is the AE109 – a floorstanding speaker that takes what the AE100 and adds body and scale in a neat package.

The AE300 takes us back into bookshelf territory, but with much more weight and sophistication than the AE100

Finally (for the time being, there will be more) we have on demonstration the AE309 that gives the sophistication of the AE300, with added scale and weight. These are £1,149 / pair.

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