DEVIALET Comes to Manchester

So, you no longer have to make a trip to Harrods or their ultra hip store in SoHo New York, you can hear, and see Devialet in Greater Manchester.

We have a selection of Phantom ‘all in one’ networked speaker syst

ems – and there is nothing else that sounds or looks like them, as well as the ultra chic Expert Pro

networked amplifiers.

Call us for a demonstration, or just pop in to see and hear how the Phantoms really do compete with multi box audio systems.

Role Audio – Enterprise SE

Now on demonstration, a new larger speaker from Role Audio. These tall elegant cabinets hose a pair of transmission line loaded drive units in dual TL configuration, giving deep textured bass from a cabinet with a tiny footprint.

As with all Role Audio speakers the mid / bass units are coupled to the tweeter with a first order crossover, and offer time accurate (ie musically coherent) reproduction.


The Enterprise SE are available for £4,600 / pair



We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed Devialet specialists for  Manchester & North West England.

Phantom – the best in all in one streaming.

Expert Pro – your all in one high end streamer / amplifier

With the tag line ‘The best sound in the world’ you really owe it to yourself to hear their products. They are as stunning to listen to, as they are to look at.

More information very soon.

A Fyne Performance

We are pleased to announce some very Fyne (sorry) loudspeakers heading our way. This new British (Scottish, if you want to be precise) company has been formed by the design and marketing talent of a major historic UK company. A company whose products in the past we have been more than a little enthusiastic about.

Anyway, today we heard the first products from this new company – Fyne Audio – and we were knocked out by the performance level for the price. Needless to say (because we like them) these are very coherent speakers with a naturally wide dynamic range.

We will be stocking three models initially:

The F500 – a stand mount speaker for £599

The F-501 – a floorstanding speaker for £1,199

The F-502 – a large floorstander for £1,599

Real wood veneers, and elegant design make an incredibly compelling package. We will be bringing a pair of F501s top our next Music @ The Magnet evening on August 30th.

Mistral 307B Valve Hybrid Bluetooth Amp £249

We are delighted to welcome back the Mistral 307 amplifier, now in B form with built in Bluetooth. £249 buys you a 25W per channel valve hybrid amplifier with a gorgeous sound.

Put this with a pair of Monitor Audio 50 Loudspeakers for £135 – and your phone / tablet and you have a sub £384 streaming system that sounds gorgeous.

Add the new Rega Planar 1 Plus, and you have a proper vinyl stereo system for £699!

Music @ The Magnet

We’re hosting a record playing evening at The Magnet Inn,  Stockport – an award winning free house, and one of the best pubs in the North West! Bring your own favourite LPs – we’ll provide the record playing system, featuring products from Rega.


Time: 8pm onwards

Date: 28th June 2018

Where: The Magnet Freehouse,

51 Wellington Road North, Stockport, SK4 1HJ



For more details:

The AudioWorks Events

The very special Technics SU-G700 Amplifier

There are always alternative ways to skin a cat. The ‘chat noir’ of hi fi has always been ‘coherence’ – it is a creature occasionally alluded to, but mainly ignored. Which is a shame, because time coherence is as fundamental part of music reproduction as dynamic range. It’s not talked about because it is filed under too difficult. None the less, all the most musical speakers take into account phase coherence. Technics understand this, and with their new SU-G700 amplifier you get a time coherence ‘get out of jail free’ card, in the form of LAPC.


A very special amplifier for £1,799


LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration)

Speaker impedance changes with each frequency and a power amplifier is required to drive speakers without being affected by the speaker’s characteristics. However, conventional digital amplifiers are connected to speakers through a low-pass filter at the output stage, so they are even more strongly affected by the speaker impedance characteristics. Also, although the amplitude characteristics of conventional amplifiers due to negative feedback were improved, the phase characteristics could not be enhanced. We thus developed a speaker impedance adaptive optimisation algorithm that performs correction to the ideal impulse response through digital signal processing by measuring the frequency amplitude-phase characteristics of the amplifier with the speakers connected. This new technique enables flattening the frequency characteristics of amplitude and phase, which had previously not been achieved by amplifiers, as well as delivering a sound with rich spatial expression.

Concept of LAPC
Gain and Delay by Conventional Amplifier / LAPC

New: Technics at The AudioWorks

Technics having taken a break from audio for around 10 years, re-emerged a couple of years ago with some very high end product. We have kept a watching brief since then. Now they have entered the mainstream again, with some very interesting and innovative products. We are delighted to welcome them aboard the good ship The AudioWorks with a mixture of new innovative & classic products.

Ottava SC-C70 – All in one music player

Firstly, in the world of all in one players, the Ottava sounds very good – clear, powerful insightful – this is the most complete all in one system we have come across. Features adaptive technology that produces the most natural sound in its environment – by measuring its own output then correcting it for its environment. Features streaming, CD player, blue tooth, Airplay, Spotify, Tidal, high res audio….

All this for £799

SU-G30 Network Amplifier

This 50W amplifier has some stunning features. As well as providing the streaming hub and high quality amplification for your system, its inbuilt Digital Signal Processing system allows the amplifier to correct the system’s phase and amplitude response by listening to the speaker output, then correcting for anomalies.Features DLNA (network player), Bluetooth, Airplay, USB, Spotify, Tidal…

Price around £1,500

Classic Direct Drive Turntables

The Technics SL-1200 series turntables have a huge following. We are delighted to offer Technics new take on their classics. For example the SL-1210GR will soon be on demonstration.

Price £1,299