Focal Viva Utopia

If we were asked to come up with our ideal loudspeaker, this would be our list:

  • Exceptional coherence
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Realistic dynamic range
  • viva-utopiaHigh resolution dynamic shading
  • Low colouration
  • Realistic portrayal of instrument energy

In our experience, some of the above only large speakers can do well, and some only happen with small but excellent stand mount designs. Never before have we heard a speaker that fulfils all of the above, then does more. Well, Focal seem to have come up with what could be our ideal speaker. What’s more, it will work in average sized listening rooms.

The Viva Utopia is a remarkable product that will compete, except in the largest rooms, with any production loudspeaker out there. When this is taken into account, the price of a pair of these remarkable loudspeakers seems like a bargain. They have done this by essentially by taking the concept of the stand mount loudspeaker to its limit.

Anyone who loves what stand mount speakers do, and is looking for the ultimate expression of this, or, anyone who needs a large loudspeaker to do the scale they require, but would like more focus and subtlety, needs to audition the Viva Utopia.

Viva Utopia loudspeakers: £16,398 / pair

Stands for Viva Utopia: £1,438 / pair

For full specifications, see here: fp-viva-gb

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