Dreaming of a black Christmas?

PEEK – an advanced engineering plastic, that just happens to have remarkable acoustic properties. Combining the desired (but contradictory for almost all other materials) properties of stiffness, excellent damping, and very low resonance, this for us forms the ideal material for equipment support.

Now this is a very expensive material, 10s of times the weight for weight cost of stainless steel or aluminium, yet we can offer a set of PEEK cone supports for £60 for 3 pieces. Not only does this compete with (and in our opinion betters) supports at 10 times the price, but in addition we offer a full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

If you have a MusicWorks ReVo table, then fixings and spars in PEEK are also available.

So, may all your Christmases be black (PEEK).

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